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Name:Joseph Scott "Joe" Locklear
Birthdate:Jul 31
Joe Locklear's life started on the West Coast, where he was born to a newlywed couple only three months after their wedding day. His dad, a huge San Fransisco 49ers fan named his son after his favorite player, Joe Montana. When Joe was only a year old, his family moved to New York to be closer to his mother's family, and his mother would soon become pregnant again, welcoming another son, Steven into the family. Steven was born premature, and the family fought like hell for him, so it was always instilled in Joe to protect his little brother, no matter what.

Aside from Steven, Joe grew up with dear friend, New York-born Skye Love, the daughter of a couple of hippies who were nothing like Joe's more traditional family, but still got on well with them. Skye became literally Joe's best friend, and their parents joked for ages that they would probably get married. Growing up, there was no indication that Joe would be anything but straight. He was always kind of a roughnut, and sporty to boot, what with a dad who loved football teaching him and his little brother to play since they were really young. But as he grew up and hit high school, he began to question if he was really straight after all.

It was one night, alone in his room with his laptop, that he was trying to find a good porn site. His friends had been singing the praises of porn in general for quite some time, and Joe figured it certainly couldn't hurt, being just as hormonal as any other boy in high school. He happened to stumble upon a gay sex scene by accident an found himself not only intrigued, but very, very turned on. It took him a couple of days to admit it out loud to anyone, but when he finally did, it was Skye that he confessed to.

Given their close relationship, the two of them worked out a plan that would help Joe figure out for sure if he was gay, and given that, even in her high school years, Skye had a pretty high level of sexuality, she had no problems offering. They would have sex, Joe losing his virginity to her, to see whether or not he had any connection to it. When the night finally came -- the chosen night being that of Joe's Senior Prom, which would be Junior Prom for Skye, they followed through with their plan. And just as suspected, when all was said and done, Joe just shook his head with an affirmation that he was definitely gay, and Skye replied with an amused, "That was like fucking my own brother."

From that point forward, Joe wasted no time in coming out of the closet. His parents, while caught totally off guard, were supportive of their son, and Steven adored his big brother, no matter what. Skye very easily slotted into the role of fag hag, and the rest was history.

After graduation, Joe went on to become a police officer with the NYPD, and a couple of years later, Steven joined the US Marines. It was in the midst of all that change that Skye revealed to Joe her grandfather's journal, containing a great deal of information about a race of vampires known as Kindred. Joe was convinced it was all a fictional story, but when Skye actually got to know two Kindred, he began to realize that this was far from a fairy tale story.

As all of these new discoveries were dawning on him, Joe began to interact more and more with Kindred, eventually using his position as a police officer to serve as a liaison between Kindred and humans. Everything seemed to be going really well, and Joe was happy with his career and his life. And that was when tragedy struck.

To this day, Joe will never forget the day that he got the call that his younger brother was killed in action while serving in Iraq. The news rocked his entire world, and the support of Skye, and his Kindred friends that actually managed to help him through it. He still misses Steven every day, but the more time passes, the easier it gets to move forward with his life.

Now that his career life is where he wants it, though not without more than his share of ambition to keep moving forward, Skye has been trying her damnedest to get him set up with a nice guy. Joe, however, hasn't been keen on any of the guys she's chosen, and when Skye asks what he wants in a guy, his response is always, "When I see it, I'll know." What he doesn't know, is just how soon he might be doing just that.
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